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Texas Shaped Cornbread!  Aw, now...  ladies and gentlemen, we are talking Lone Star State themed delicious cornbread!


Perfect with some beans for a delicous hardy meal, great for breakfast with fresh eggs - you name it! Cornbread is great with everything!


Made with fresh roasted corn, natural sugars, course grind corn meal and King Arthur™ flour.  Farm fresh eggs and perfect salts and seasonings and if cheese is involved- Monterey Jack!


Available in several varieties-

El Paso (HOT!) (made with our pickled sweet hot chipotle peppers!)

Fort Worth (Corny and cheesy)

Amarillo (Regular sweet)

Houston (Spicy and Cheesy)


HOT is for those who like it South Texas SUMMER HOT! 

SPICY has a little kick, nothing hot

REGULAR without any heat, just delicious corn taste!


Available in half dozen and dozen. Perfect for the BBQ or chili and any Lone Star worthy soirée!!


Purchase by the State muffins (3.5 oz each) -  (Order with our Honey Butters too!)


Shipped frozen in heat sealed package.  Place on your counter for a couple of hours - want it hot? Heat in 350ºF oven for about 10 minutes or microwave on medium for 30 sec (depends on your microwave)

CORNBREAD! Texas Chipotle Corny Cornbread!

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