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About and Why

-   ABOUT US  -


I have been cooking all my life. I was raised by my Grandparents and I learned to cook when I was 6.  Been cooking ever since. 


The love of creating food that makes you go "yummmmmm" is my biggest achievement.  The same passion lead to my becoming a professional food photographer.

Vintage recipes which remind me of home and family are a passion.  I collect old, handwritten recipes and books and go through them and bring them up to date.

I have written two cookbooks, "The Sugar Biscuit Journey" and "Butter Beans" which are available in our store, or on Amazon, with a third one coming this year.

Fearless in the kitchen, which lead to the photo of me above (©Charles C. Lambert)

I am willing to try anything and see what is there.

Home Cooking Kitchen is also on YouTube™

with all new videos coming from our kitchen studio at Julien & Lambert Photo

My husband, Jon, and I have owned a restaurant and night club and love the industry.  With all we do, owning a restaurant is not an option (wow - lots of hours!) and find simply creating a few favorites for our friends fills that niche for us.

We post a few times per week on our Facebook Page informally on what we are cooking today - offering inspiration and ideas for your own meal planning.

Check out my blog  for recipes and thoughts!

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