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Woof! I am Dickey Meatloaf

I am a rescue dog, mainly Australian Cattle Dog I guess.  And I love getting treats!  But so many bad things are in them, it made me not feel well sometimes...

So, I live with the cooks and chefs of Great Biscuit, so we worked together to create great treats without all the bad stuff.

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Dickey Treats™

Treat your dog to a gourmet snack with our Dickey Treats™ Roast Beef with Rosemary & Thyme.


Made in small batches and with only the best ingredients, this dog treat is a healthy and delicious option for furry friends of all sizes. Your dog will love the goodness of the roast beef, rosemary and thyme flavors. Try some today!

Dickey TreatsIMG_2936e-HR3.jpg
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