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Introducing our Smoked Ancho Brisket Rub™ - a top-quality blend of ingredients that will take your meat dishes to the next level. We smoke our own sea salt to give it that extra depth of flavor, and combine it with custom ground ancho chilies and fresh garlic for a truly unique taste. This rub is perfect for all meats, but truly shines with brisket and beef ribs. Use it as a finishing salt for an extra kick of flavor that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Try our Smoked Ancho Brisket Rub™ today and experience the difference top-quality ingredients can make.


Available in 1 oz sampler, 2.5 oz glass jars with custom wood shaker tops or 1.5oz in To-Go Plastic Shaker top bottle, 6 oz and 12 oz vacuum packs for the Pro BBQ'er!


Smoked Ancho Brisket Rub™

PriceFrom $7.99
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  • Spices and other foods are not refundable.  If you receive a damaged item, please contact us for replacement.  Will require a photo of the damage.  

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